Tips to ease summer fatigue

Things you can do to overcome summer fatigue.

Summer is the most vibrant season of the year. We want to enjoy as many outdoor activities we can; go to the beach, visit new places, be physically active ,… With all that we forget that summer is also the hottest season and can cause unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, dehydration, insomnia,… However, there are things you can do, to feel more refreshed and energized.Continue Reading

How to unwind from the stress.

How to reduce stress and how i9bottle can help you?

We all get stressed. It’s a normal reaction of our mind and body to the increasing demands of life. When stress is in our comfort zone it can help us stay focused, vibrant, and helps us to cope with challenges in our life. But when it becomes negative it can start causing damage to our mind and body.

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Find your fountain of youth

How to keep your skin young

_20160704_180753Most of us want to feel and look young as long as possible, but that gets harder as we get older. So, how to look younger, feel better and be healthier? It’s mostly about building a foundation from the inside-out with these strategies:

Protect yourself from the sun. You’re accumulating sun damage almost every time you go out in the sun and this damage doesn’t wear off. You can protect yourself by wearing sunscreen  and hat or simply by staying in the shade between 11am and 4 pm.Continue Reading